Friday, July 13, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

You've given me your loyalty.
Ups and downs, laughter and tears
You've never waivered.
At my fingertips, or my heels, or under my feet
Always within reach.

You've made me laugh...
At your silly face, at your tantrums, at your cute shapes.
You've made me cry...
From your unconditional love
From your patience
For your trials, from your pure heart, from your love when I didn't deserve it.

I've seen you grow...
From jumping over 4 foot tall fences in a single-bound
To needing a boost to get on the couch.
Catching a fastball in the blink of an eye
Running "turbo-nub" across Grandma's lawn
Jumping high in the air and doing backflips all for a spinning orange frisbee.

Life has changed.
When we are apart, we are still together.
You are still here.
I am still there.

Pictures of you in every room.
Memories flood my brain, my heart, my soul.
I  laugh and cry at the same time.

You've given and given and given.

Decisions are upon us.
Is it time to fight?
I would fight for you.
Blow by blow, tooth and nail, fist to fist.
Is it time for peace?
My wants can't hold a candle to your needs.

Go knowing you are loved.
Know that you are my best friend.
Know that you are my family.
Know that we will always be together.
Know that you are in my heart.

We will be together again.
Will we meet at the Rainbow Bridge or somewhere else?
I will lead and you will follow.
I promise.

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