Friday, July 20, 2012

Now back to my book...

"Avoid the very appearance of evil."

I just came across that sentence in a book I'm reading and it stopped me in my tracks.
Think about it.
It manifests in so many ways.

Evil is what makes my heart race and my voice thunder when I hit a series of red lights.
Evil is what makes me laugh those people that race through the amber light and end up right in front of me at the very next red light.

Evil is what makes me jealous.
When someone else is more than I am.
When someone else has more than I do.
When someone else is capable of more than I am.

Evil is what makes me think that I'm not good enough.
For my husband. For my step-kids. For my job. For my parents. For my friends. For myself.
Evil is what makes me think I'm too good.
Pride could be my downfall.

Evil is what makes me hate those who hate me.
It's what prevents me from showing them mercy.
It's what makes me feel anxious when I have to be around them.
It's whats making my mind race as I type this.

Evil is a smarmy presence that slithers up to me when I'm distracted and whispers in my ear.
It tells me to judge others. Like my own sins don't exist.
It tells me to take more. When others don't have enough.
It tells me not to act. When my actions might bring forth justice.
It tells me to act.When my silence could scream like a beacon in the blackness.

"Avoid the very appearance of evil."

Burn bright. Burn stronger. Burn for others to see.
Be the "bigger person".
Learn to walk away.
Stand up for the underdog.
Don't cower down to a bully.
Help those that can't help themselves.
Help those that can help themselves.

I have light within me.
Darkness cannot exist where there is light.
Burn bright. Chase it out. Dismiss it. Banish it back to the dark.

Live in the moment, but look towards the future.
I was given the power to choose.


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  1. I love this...I feel like you and I are reading and writing from the same pages in the same book right now. Live in the moment and burn brightly...both things that have been all over my mind an hearty lately.