Friday, August 3, 2012

Listen up, Cupcake!

Dearest Body,

Stop complaining!

You've been working hard the past 2 weeks, I know.
But you slacked off for a month before that.
Skipping workouts.
Shrinking where I want you bigger, and growing where I want you smaller.

I know you are sore, but hot yoga is good for you. a few days you will be able to lift your arms above your head again.
Yes, you will!
Remember how much you enjoyed Mondays class?
Relishing in the silence. Setting your intention. Stretching beyond your expectations.
Each pose being whatever you made of it.
Stupid Camel Pose. We will conquer that one some other day.
Yes it's normal to sweat that much.
You could have probably wasted less time trying to pinpoint who just farted...grow up! Geesh.
Next Monday at 11am...let's go. Round 2.

And since we're talking about it...
Stop worrying about people you know seeing you huff and puff down the road.

Wear your hat low and focus on your breath.
Match your stride to the beat on your iPod.
Don't forget to lean forward and relax your hands
 Why do you tense your hands, anyway?!

Exuse attention!
That means stop looking at recipes on Pintrest.
For carmel apple cake.
and cheesy potatoes.
and key Lime cupcakes.
and portobello pizza bites.


Ok, I get it. You worked long hard hours today.
You don't have time to make it to a scheduled yoga class.
You still have time to put on your sneakers and grab your iPod!
No excuses!
Even a 30 minute walk is better than 30 minutes on the couch.

And if all else fails...
if you aren't motivated to workout for your health
to live a longer happier fuller life with those you love...
at least you might be heatlhy enough to live longer to watch more tv in your pj's with fuzzy companions.


  1. Lady-face! Once I get this graveyard nonsense behind me, I'll join you for some body is needing it soo badly these days too. Next time you need a little walking partner, hit me up, I can always use a little extra motivation!

  2. Yesss! Going to the same shift in September will make it way easier to meet up. You can go hardcore with your 30 day challenge, I'm hoping to just get to 3 classes a week!