Friday, August 3, 2012

Listen up, Cupcake!

Dearest Body,

Stop complaining!

You've been working hard the past 2 weeks, I know.
But you slacked off for a month before that.
Skipping workouts.
Shrinking where I want you bigger, and growing where I want you smaller.

I know you are sore, but hot yoga is good for you. a few days you will be able to lift your arms above your head again.
Yes, you will!
Remember how much you enjoyed Mondays class?
Relishing in the silence. Setting your intention. Stretching beyond your expectations.
Each pose being whatever you made of it.
Stupid Camel Pose. We will conquer that one some other day.
Yes it's normal to sweat that much.
You could have probably wasted less time trying to pinpoint who just farted...grow up! Geesh.
Next Monday at 11am...let's go. Round 2.

And since we're talking about it...
Stop worrying about people you know seeing you huff and puff down the road.

Wear your hat low and focus on your breath.
Match your stride to the beat on your iPod.
Don't forget to lean forward and relax your hands
 Why do you tense your hands, anyway?!

Exuse attention!
That means stop looking at recipes on Pintrest.
For carmel apple cake.
and cheesy potatoes.
and key Lime cupcakes.
and portobello pizza bites.


Ok, I get it. You worked long hard hours today.
You don't have time to make it to a scheduled yoga class.
You still have time to put on your sneakers and grab your iPod!
No excuses!
Even a 30 minute walk is better than 30 minutes on the couch.

And if all else fails...
if you aren't motivated to workout for your health
to live a longer happier fuller life with those you love...
at least you might be heatlhy enough to live longer to watch more tv in your pj's with fuzzy companions.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Now back to my book...

"Avoid the very appearance of evil."

I just came across that sentence in a book I'm reading and it stopped me in my tracks.
Think about it.
It manifests in so many ways.

Evil is what makes my heart race and my voice thunder when I hit a series of red lights.
Evil is what makes me laugh those people that race through the amber light and end up right in front of me at the very next red light.

Evil is what makes me jealous.
When someone else is more than I am.
When someone else has more than I do.
When someone else is capable of more than I am.

Evil is what makes me think that I'm not good enough.
For my husband. For my step-kids. For my job. For my parents. For my friends. For myself.
Evil is what makes me think I'm too good.
Pride could be my downfall.

Evil is what makes me hate those who hate me.
It's what prevents me from showing them mercy.
It's what makes me feel anxious when I have to be around them.
It's whats making my mind race as I type this.

Evil is a smarmy presence that slithers up to me when I'm distracted and whispers in my ear.
It tells me to judge others. Like my own sins don't exist.
It tells me to take more. When others don't have enough.
It tells me not to act. When my actions might bring forth justice.
It tells me to act.When my silence could scream like a beacon in the blackness.

"Avoid the very appearance of evil."

Burn bright. Burn stronger. Burn for others to see.
Be the "bigger person".
Learn to walk away.
Stand up for the underdog.
Don't cower down to a bully.
Help those that can't help themselves.
Help those that can help themselves.

I have light within me.
Darkness cannot exist where there is light.
Burn bright. Chase it out. Dismiss it. Banish it back to the dark.

Live in the moment, but look towards the future.
I was given the power to choose.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

You've given me your loyalty.
Ups and downs, laughter and tears
You've never waivered.
At my fingertips, or my heels, or under my feet
Always within reach.

You've made me laugh...
At your silly face, at your tantrums, at your cute shapes.
You've made me cry...
From your unconditional love
From your patience
For your trials, from your pure heart, from your love when I didn't deserve it.

I've seen you grow...
From jumping over 4 foot tall fences in a single-bound
To needing a boost to get on the couch.
Catching a fastball in the blink of an eye
Running "turbo-nub" across Grandma's lawn
Jumping high in the air and doing backflips all for a spinning orange frisbee.

Life has changed.
When we are apart, we are still together.
You are still here.
I am still there.

Pictures of you in every room.
Memories flood my brain, my heart, my soul.
I  laugh and cry at the same time.

You've given and given and given.

Decisions are upon us.
Is it time to fight?
I would fight for you.
Blow by blow, tooth and nail, fist to fist.
Is it time for peace?
My wants can't hold a candle to your needs.

Go knowing you are loved.
Know that you are my best friend.
Know that you are my family.
Know that we will always be together.
Know that you are in my heart.

We will be together again.
Will we meet at the Rainbow Bridge or somewhere else?
I will lead and you will follow.
I promise.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Once you go, you can never go back...

Tales of a princess wife who is married to her best friend.

Musings of a step-mom who thought the blessing of childrens laughter (and screaming) would never fill her home.

Confessions from the voice on the phone that just might help save your life.

Ramblings of a complete Type A that obsesses on everything from donuts to manicures.

Whinings of a daughter who feels that she can never repay her parents for the wonderful life they've given her.

Updates from a woman who fights the urge to skip the workouts that she actually enjoys.

Snickerings of a goofy 12-year-old who is trapped in a 30-something-year-old womans body.

Ponderings of a woman who has a steadfast belief in both God and the power of Karma.